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Why Alfa Aero?

Careers at Alfa Aero  

At ALFA AERO, we are always on the look-out for fresh talent. The challenges are many. We want leaders & innovators. We want people who have the ability to go that extra mile, put in that extra bit of effort, show the kind of enthusiasm and spirit that inspires others and have that insatiable desire to do things better than others. If you think you have what it takes to be part of a great team, send us your resume at

Corporate Solutions:

ALFA AERO offers innovative corporate training solutions in Aviation, Hospitality Industry, Sales, Retail and Customer Care to companies engaged in these fields. Additionally, ALFA AERO also boasts of an exciting portfolio of training programmes aimed towards companies that put a lot of focus and value on training their employees on critical aspects like soft skills, career skills, leadership, motivation, stress management, time management, etc.

Why Alfa Aero?

The key factors through which IQST differentiates itself from other solution providers are

  • Wide portfolio of training modules
  • Customisation of training programme according to the client’s unique needs
  • Well-researched training content
  • Effective and entertaining training delivery method
  • Highly capable trainers – in-house & external panel
  • Cost-efficient solutions Grooming Any time, any place delivery
  • Partnership through consistent interaction and service
  • Support services – venue and other logistics

The Academy

  • An initiative to enhance the Employability & Life Skill needs of the new job seekers
  • We intend to bridge the huge job talent mismatch that has plagued the country
  • Students are encouraged to question, look beyond the obvious & innovate.

The Centre Environment

The environment plays a large role in the learning process. Alfa Aero has left no stone unturned in its quest to provide a learning atmosphere which will add value to the academic experience. The state of the art laboratories and the library are storehouse of information for the best books and periodicals on management. A full fledged wi-fi enabled network & broad band connected terminals and software adds credence to the technological support to facilitate teaching, learning and personality enhancement.

The Faculty:

A team of distinguished teachers who have worked successfully and earned a name in the industry make up the core of our faculty. They have profound knowledge in their respective subjects. The teaching pattern used is experiential learning. Reviewed & trained periodically by the academic council and the board of governors to ensure that the standards both academic are second to none.  The faculties are updated with the latest pedagogy and training programmes and is in touch with the changing industry standards – both on the national and international front. The team is a perfect mix of senior academicians and successful industry personnel.                                                                                                                                                        


  • Pedagogy adopted offers deep rooted & analytical understanding of subject
  • Ensures exposure to the world trends and evolving challenges.
  • Providing students — practical exposure through projects, workshops, role plays, case studies and up to twelve weeks internships.
  • Regular industry & academia interface through guest lectures, industry visits seminars
  • Include of case study, field study & seminars
  • Project study is also an integral component of the program
  • Students are taught by faculty, all of whom are industry professionals

Alfa Aero encourages students to explore beyond the comfort zone:

This is to generate a state of preparedness in the minds of students of the value of good grooming, mental agility, problem solving that takes them beyond Academics. The emphasis is on learning through own initiatives, and self motivating themselves at varying levels of pressure and responsibility.

  • Personality Plus program & Smart thinking solutions
  • Idea generation skills workshop
  • Activity oriented, problem solving techniques training
  • Participation in lectures /conventions/exposure with Industry and Industry Association